The HGZ - Hildener Gründungszentrum - Business Incubator Hilden

The Hildener Gründungszentrum (Business Incubator Hilden) HGZ was founded in cooperation with the Gewerbepark-Süd (Business Park South) and the city of Hilden. Since 1998, it has been offering new entrepreneurs the opportunity to find suitable surroundings for the development of their new company at long-term, secured terms and with the support of the city of Hilden.

Business creation

The HGZ is an industrial hall consisting of 12 autonomous units, each of which has 122 square meters of hall and 28 square meters of office space, available at a competitive rental price. An expansion of the office areas by 28 square meters each is possible.

The city of Hilden has assumed a rental guarantee with decreasing rent subsidy for ten of the units. Two of the units are leased directly by the operators at market-oriented conditions.

The halls are set up in such a way that they can be connected with each other both at the sides as well as at the heads. In case of a further expansion, other areas can of course be found within the Gewerbepark-Süd (Business Park South), so that the space becomes available for new entrepreneurs.

The management of the Gewerbepark-Süd (Business Park South) will of course also look to find good starting conditions for new entrepreneurs outside of the Hildener Gründungszentrum (Business Incubator Hilden) in existing, possibly modified halls and offices.